These are our personal most liked bubble tea retailers in Hong-Kong


These are our personal most liked bubble tea retailers in Hong-Kong

Bubbles for your difficulties

If you will find something that Hongkongers appreciate consuming, the bubble teas. And due to the numerous bubble beverage outlets that have jumped right up around location lately, we are to savor every flavour and mixture possible. With that said, finding your own preferred go-to beverage tends to be a reasonably daunting event. Hence, we’re in this article in order to make factors easier by selecting the wonderful from excellent. These are some of the most effective spots on your own bubble tea adjust.

Hong-kong’s top ripple teas

Charles Teas Pub

Long lines become a standard vision at Charles Tea club courtesy specialization beverages like milk teas with white in color pearls and oolong teas with sea-salt. Unlike additional teashops, Charles teas Bar makes use of cool making options for almost all their teas, which results in flavours being sweeter, softer, and fewer sorrowful. Benefit spots with no extra sugar from inside the boba, way too.


Regional teas specialist Cupfy (an use ‘cup-free’) concerns being healthy and environmentally friendly. Her motto ‘Less glucose, even more sweet” is the reason why all their beverages become low in sweets – with also perfect for vegans – and makes use of uncooked cane sugars including sugar-free maltitol as sweeteners. Cupfy assists their drinks in eyeglasses in the place of throw-away plastic-type data that most businesses need and stimulates people to create unique pot to take their particular teas on-the-go.

Chun Shui Tang Tradition Tea Home

For a style of typical Taiwanese ripple beverage, head to Chun Shui Tang community Tea quarters. Taken to Hong-Kong by the self-claimed initial designers of ripple beverage, the shop keeps a tough variety of Taiwanese teas and appetizers to pick from. The grade of the teas don’t let you down sometimes, offering sole tea leaves and sugar-cane transported through the holders’ harvesting in Taiwan. Every drink try covered properly. You may truly taste the differences.

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Using more than 130 several years of records in Hong Kong, regional beverage household Ying Kee was checking up on the periods by launching her very first concept stock, iTea, in Tsim Sha Tsui. The big hook listed here is the Nitro-infused refreshment, which gives the enjoy extra smoothness to it, combined alongside Ying Kee’s trademark beverage brews like pu’er and oolong beverage.

Jen Ju Dan

The eye to information is the reason why Jen Ju Dan attractive to ripple teas buffs. We f you are specific regarding the pearls within your beverage, you will end up content to understand that Jen Ju Dan is definitely renowned for your precise preparing procedure of its pearls. Wet and made in brown sugar, each chewy little golf ball acts as an all-natural sweetener with the products. Guests favourites have the clean milk with sugar and dessert, the oolong latte, the Thai milk beverage, along with sweetie fruit chrysanthemum tea.


Those who favor the company’s bubble teas milky should generate a beeline for Milksha. The refreshments the following was used with new milk products obtained from Milksha’s own pastures in Taiwan. One downside is that the servings in this article aren’t overlarge – cups are about the dimensions of your palm – yet the flavours over replace it. We recommend opting for the taro cows milk teas, pu’er bubble whole milk beverage, and so the brown sugar dairy beverage.

Beverage Brush

The bold-coloured beverage presented here is what establishes teas Brush other than the majority of Taiwanese beverage stores. Only using top-notch ingredients, including matcha rice tea-leaves from Shiga Prefecture in Japan, pink yams from Okinawa, Japanese black sesame vegetables, and oolong teas from Fujian, only to call many. The menu is divided into four various types – liquid (tea marbleised with sesame or sugar), beverage, milk products, and berry. There’s furthermore an extensive a number of teas from which to choose and various other healthier drink to help you be satisfied.

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